The Different types of Doctors

What is an Ologist? Series

What is a doctor? What kinds of doctors are there?

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What is a Doctor?​

A doctor is a person who promotes health or someone who is charged with bringing back health

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What is an Ophthalmologist?​

These doctors are eye surgeons

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What is a Cardiologist?​

These doctors take care of patients with heart diseases such as ischemic heart disease, myocarditis and valvular heart disease

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What is a Gastroenterologist?​

These doctors take care of patients with stomach and bowel problems like ulcers, Crohn’s disease and cancers

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What is a Pediatrician?​

These doctors take care of children and adolescent patients with a variety of diseases including infections, inflammation, and congenital (birth) conditions

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What is a Psychiatrist?​

These doctors take care of patients who are suffering from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder

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What is an ER Doctor?​

These doctors assess patients with emergent and life threatening conditions such as heart attack, strokes and trauma

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What is an Endocrinologist?​

These doctors deal with patients who have hormonal problems such as pituitary tumors, thyroid inflammation or diabetes

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What is a General Surgeon?​

These surgeons treat patients with acute problems such as appendicitis, lung and breast cancers

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What is a Neurologist?​

These doctors manage patients with brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve problems, including stroke, tumors and multiple sclerosis

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What is a Family Medicine Doctor?​

These doctors are at the front line and have to differentiate potentially lethal causes of chest pain like a heart attack and ruptured esophagus from heartburn and manage chronic conditions like hypertension and asthma

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What is an Internist?​

These are doctors that take care of a number of general medicine problems including those of the kidney like nephritis, anemia and low blood sugars