Real Stories from the Front Line

Advice From Medical Students

Interviews with medical students to give insight and guidance about what it takes to get into medical school, and what life is like as a med student

Interview 1

Valerie Doyon

Interview 2

Britta Gustavson

Interview 3

Heba Al-Qattan

Interview 4

Monique Williams

Interview 5

Avneesh Bhangu

Interview 6

Matthew Nelms

Interview 7

Reem Aziz

Interview 8

Meagan Wiederman

Interview 9

Palak Suryavanshi

Interview 10

Xinran Liu

Interview 11

Ehsan Misaghi

Interview 12

Logan Brennan

Interview 13

Geoffrey Blair

Interview 14

Maddi Rajchyba

Interview 15

Olivia Bunbury