A 1 year mentorship program in medicine adapted from the medical school curriculum

An enriched academic program in medical specialties like Cardiology, Emergency Medicine and Surgery for high school students who want to prepare for a career in medicine. Limited enrollment. 


Coaching & Mentoring from Leading Doctors

A Unique Premed Educational Experience For High School Students Unlike Anything That’s Ever Been Offered

Last year nearly 6,000 applicants applied to Queen’s School of Medicine. Only 109 were accepted.  With acceptance rates being so low, you need a clear advantage to get a leg up against the competition. PreMedSKL is based on the SHEMS™ model of showing early and persistent commitment to a career in medicine to the doctors on the medical school admissions committees. 


Shadowships in 9 medical specialties to teach you exactly how doctors think in the clinic.


State-of-the-art training so that you develop habits that lead to a successful medical career (We call these MD habits)

Earn Certificates

You will earn completion certificates as you progress through the PreMedSKL curriculum to use for your CV


Our team of hand-picked leading doctors and award-winning medical students will work closely with you in our weekly office hours and in our monthly live sessions to give you personalized support along your journey to becoming a FutureMD

Science Fairs

Because success in science fairs is a strong predictor of success in medicine (and is correlated to admission) our team of clinician-scientists will work closely with you to help you excel in this area.

ACCESSIBLE From anywhere

Tailor made for science enthusiasts and those who want to explore a career in medicine

Each 12-week semester is made for high school students eager to explore what life as a doctor could be.

PreMedSKL is a 9 month curriculum broken up into three 12-week semesters tailor made for students in grades 9-12. In each semester students explore three new medical disciplines (i.e. cardiology, internal medicine and surgery), similar to how medical students rotate through clerkships. This format allows all  students – those who are passionate about medicine and those who are just curious – to get a real sense of what it’s like to be a doctor. 

How to apply to PreMedSKL

  1. Fill out the application: We require interested students to fill in a short application form. This will allow us to better get to know applicants and ensure this is the right program for them. Applications close about two weeks prior to the start of the next semester
  2. Our admissions board reviews your submission: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis; admissions decisions are made within 1-2 weeks after receiving your application. We run 3 regular semesters per year, each 12 weeks long.
  3. Start your first medical discipline! Once admitted into the program we’ll invite you to an orientation class the week before classes start so you can meet the other students and get familiar with your personal course dashboard.

Flexible payment options and scholarships

PreMedSKL is an enriched curriculum for high school students adapted from medical school for students in grades 9-12 who demonstrate an early interest in the study of medicine. Each semester students rotate through 3 medical specialties with the help of their medical student mentors. We offer a flexible payment options as well as scholarship programs to help our program be more accessible.

The tuition for PreMedSKL is currently $2995 USD per semester, or $6995 USD for all 3 semesters (12% discount). An option to pay in 3 monthly installments is available.

Our PreMedSKL IDEA Scholarship encourages the pursuit of meaningful engagement in medicine for high school students from under-resourced and/or underrepresented communities. The criteria used to determine eligibility stem from recommendations from National Medical Associations. Select students accepted will receive a partial or full scholarship towards one 12-week semester. Learn more about the IDEA Scholarship →

Apply Now! (Limited enrollment)

Together our leading doctors and medical students will give you powerful success strategies, mindset training, and the support you need to become a FutureMD!

What others are saying about PreMedSKL

I love the program and I love the people who are in it. I can tell that PreMedSKL does a really good job at picking out mentors who are nurturing and who care about the next generation of people who want to go into medicine. I really enjoy the coaching sessions with Dr. Sharma… he pushed us to do better and to participate even if we don’t say the right answer. I really appreciate that.

Keila Elyasi

PreMedSKL Student
The mentors are amazing, I love how we can see them multiple times and really get to know them. They give really great advice in terms of applying to residency, time management, and what to expect in medical school. I really enjoyed having the ability to talk to the mentors on a weekly basis.

Clio Smith

PreMedSKL Student
PreMedSKL makes the goal seem not so unreachable. Hearing from the med students and learning about the different specialties makes it feel like [becoming a doctor] is not a crazy, unattainable, out of reach goal. It’s allowed me to focus more on doing the things that will help me reach that goal and become a good doctor.

Mahala English

PreMedSKL Student