Advice From Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Life Lessons

Tips and guidance from Dr. Sharma on how to live your best life.

Life Lesson 1

Cow Eyes

You don’t need to be extraordinary to rise to the top. But what you do need is dedicated practice. And a lot of it. 

Life Lesson 2

Two Fathers

Different people will regularly come into you lives. Be selective, but open to the lessons that they can teach you.

Life Lesson 3

Be Strategic

If you are embarking on a research career, remember to write these 2 words on a post it and stick it on your computer: Be Strategic. 

Life Lesson 4

The Audition

I was eventually offered a position at Stanford for my residency. Why? Because, I didn’t do an elective there: I auditioned.

Life Lesson 5

Getting into Harvard Twice

Instead of saying “I can’t.” Ask yourself, “How can I?” The reality? Doors will open that you never ever knew were there.

Life Lesson 6

Learn to Take Criticism

The next time someone gives you advice, do 2 simple things: reflect on it and then thank them for it.

Life Lesson 7

CIHR Grant

Compose your own original score and sing it at the top of your lungs.