Join us For PreMedSKL’s Summer Enrichment Program

For August 2023, PreMedSKL is offering a four week enrichment program for students interested in taking a deeper dive into medicine.

16+ hours of high quality teaching videos

Daily mentoring sessions

Assignments and quizzes to reinforce learning

Program completion certificate

2023 PreMedSKL Summer Enrichment Program

4-Weeks of Coaching and Mentorship

Discover Your Path to a Medical Career with our Summer Intensive Enrichment Program!

Are you a high school student with a passion for medicine? Unlock your potential and gain invaluable insights into the world of healthcare with our immersive program. Designed exclusively for aspiring healthcare professionals like you, our program offers a unique opportunity to explore the depths of the medical field while providing a solid foundation for your future. Delve into captivating lectures and interactive patient simulations led by distinguished leading physicians and medical students. Expand your network by connecting with like-minded students and establishing relationships with accomplished mentors. With our program, you’ll develop critical skills, ignite your curiosity, and build a solid foundation for your journey towards a medical career. Register now to secure your spot in this transformative summer experience!

This summer session will run from July 31 to August 25, 2023 and includes video lessons that students can access any time, quizzes and recommended tasks to reinforce learning, and daily live sessions with a medical student or doctor.

What is Included

2023 PreMedSKL Summer Enrichment Program

This 4-Week educational experience includes:

  • Daily 30-minute coaching sessions with leading medical students or doctors
  • 16+ hours of premium educational videos that students can watch on their own time​
  • Regular quizzes and action items to reinforce learning
  • 24/7 access to student portal
  • Program completion certificate

$2997 CAD

curriculum Overview

At the beginning of each week, students will be given access to the entire video library for that week so that they can watch and learn on their own time. The recommended schedule will have students watching ~30 minutes of video each day, spending 1-2 hours on assignments and quizzes, and attending a 30 minute live zoom session with a medical student or doctor.

  • Week 1: Basics – The first week of the program covers the basics of medicine and includes lessons on the different types of doctors, how to take a medical history, how to create a SOAP note, and the habits that successful medical students and doctors all share.
  • Week 2: Ophthalmology – This week students will learn about the medical specialty ophthalmology, what it is like to be an ophthalmologist, key aspects of eye anatomy and physiology, and learn about various eye conditions and how doctors diagnose and treat them.
  • Week 3: Cardiology – The second week focuses on the heart. Students will explore the anatomy and physiology of the heart and learn about what it is like to be a cardiologist – doctors that take care of patients with heart diseases such as ischemic heart disease, myocarditis and valvular heart disease.
  • Week 4: Gastroenterology – In the final week of the summer session, students will learn all about gastroenterology, with topics covering anatomy, physiology, and the stomach and bowel problems that doctors need to be able to diagnose and treat such as ulcers, Crohn’s disease and cancer.