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PreMedSKL helps high school students get prepared for a career in medicine. Register for our next masterclass to get key tips on getting into medical school and also learn more about the PreMedSKL program.  

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Get key tips on getting into medical school and also learn more about the PreMedSKL program. Fill out this form to register for the next masterclass.


In this 75-minute session you will learn…

What medical school admissions committees are looking for.
Why evidence-based medicine and competency-based medical education means high school students need to acquire different skills.
How the SHEMS model can help with direct entry into medical school.
About our keynote speaker
Dr. Sanjay Sharma

Dr. Sanjay Sharma

MD, MSc (Epid), MBA | Founder, PreMedSKL

Sanjay Sharma MD, MSc (Epid), FRCS, MBA is a retinal specialist who is a professor of ophthalmology at Queen’s University.

 An internationally renowned eye surgeon, he has treated over 250,000 patients. Dr. Sharma is a clinician-scientist who has published over 300 scientific papers which have been cited over 10,000 times in the peer-reviewed literature and is the author of 3 textbooks, including the American Medical Association’s, Evidence Based to Value Based Medicine.

The recipient of millions of dollars in research funding, he has received numerous national and international awards for research, teaching and innovation in medicine, including those from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Association of Faculties of Medicine in Canada (AFMC) and the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

An innovator at heart, he has launched a series of digital platforms, including MEDSKL – a leading medical education platform that now reaches medical students from over 400 Universities. Dr. Sharma, who holds advanced degrees in Epidemiology and Business Administration, completed his medical education at Harvard University.

Dr. Sharma created PreMedSKL to show the next generation of students how they can have significant impact through a career in medicine.

In PreMedSKL’s 1-year program, your child will learn to think like a doctor by rotating through 8 medical specialties, get mentored by award-winning medical students and accelerate their science fair projects.

The mentors are amazing!

I really love how we can see them multiple times and really get to know them. They give really great advice in terms of applying to residency, time management, and what to expect in medical school. I really enjoyed having the ability to talk to the mentors on a weekly basis.
PreMedSKL student

I love the program!

I love the program and I love the people who are in it. I can tell that PreMedSKL does a really good job at picking out mentors who are nurturing and who care about the next generation of people who want to go into medicine. I really enjoy the coaching sessions with Dr. Sharma… he pushed us to do better and to participate even if we don’t say the right answer. I really appreciate that.
PreMedSKL student

Coaching & Mentoring from Leading Doctors

A Unique PreMed Educational Experience For High School Students Unlike Anything That’s Ever Been Offered

Last year nearly 6,000 applicants applied to Queen’s School of Medicine. Only 109 were accepted.  With acceptance rates being so low, you need a clear advantage to get a leg up against the competition. PreMedSKL is based on the SHEMS model of showing early and persistent commitment to a career in medicine to doctors on the medical school admissions committees. 


Shadowships in 11 medical specialties to teach you exactly how doctors think in the clinic.


State-of-the-art training so that you develop habits that lead to a successful medical career (We call these MD habits)

Earn Certificates

You will earn medical education certificates from Queen’s University as you progress through the PreMedSKL curriculum to use for your CV


Our team of hand-picked Leading Doctors and award-winning medical students will work closely with you in our weekly office hours and in our monthly live sessions to give you personalized support along your journey to becoming a FutureMD

Science Fairs

Because success in Science Fairs is a strong predictor of success in medicine (and is correlated to admission) our team of clinician-scientists will work closely with you to help you excel in this area.