PreMedSKL helps high school students get prepared for a career in medicine

In our 1-year program, your child will learn to think like a doctor by rotating through 8 medical specialties, get mentored by award-winning medical students and accelerate their science fair projects. 

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In this 15-min call with an academic advisor, we give you specific custom advice to start your child’s medical journey.

The mentors are amazing!

I really love how we can see them multiple times and really get to know them. They give really great advice in terms of applying to residency, time management, and what to expect in medical school. I really enjoyed having the ability to talk to the mentors on a weekly basis.
PreMedSKL student

I love the program!

I love the program and I love the people who are in it. I can tell that PreMedSKL does a really good job at picking out mentors who are nurturing and who care about the next generation of people who want to go into medicine. I really enjoy the coaching sessions with Dr. Sharma… he pushed us to do better and to participate even if we don’t say the right answer. I really appreciate that.
PreMedSKL student
Who We are

Designed by leading doctors to inspire Future MDs

PreMedSKL is a leading medical curriculum tailor made for high school students grades 10-12 and university/college students who are interested in exploring a career in medicine.

We mentor students so they can learn how to think like doctors and expose them to various medical disciplines with the opportunity to earn certificates of completion. Through our entire curriculum, students have access to shadowships in 8 specialties, LIVE sessions with leading doctors and medical students, 1:1 mentorship and science fair guidance.